Jellyfish - opening 2022
Remote Lifestyle Complex
Live. Work. Play. Explore.

Open for Investment

The future of travel is changing. The future of work is evolving. Location independency is the future of life. Jellyfish Complex is designed exactly for the future of life, work, and travel. If you are seeking a once-in-a-lifetime early investor opportunity that is unlike anything you have ever seen before, you must take a serious look at Jellyfish Remote Lifestyle Complex.

About Jellyfish

Jellyfish is a multi-function, co-working, co-living, entertainment and modern lifestyle complex with built-in food & beverage, laundry, mental and physical fitness, events, experiences, and a one-of-a-kind capsule hotel.

It is the perfect place for remote workers, digital nomads, location independent professionals, and social travelers. It is designed specifically for post-pandemic travel, work, and life. And we believe it is the best passive income real estate investment you could ever make.

Location Independency

The trend for 2022 and beyond
According to Harvard Business Review, 90% of employers are planning to adapt a hybrid workforce model for 2022 and beyond with remote work being a primary option for knowledge workers. Over the next 10 years an estimated 1 billion global workers will be location independent and live a hybrid nomadic lifestyle.

Commercial Real Estate Co-Ownership

How does this investment work?
Buy Shares
We divided the commercial real estate into 60 co-ownership shares. Each share is $25,000 and you can buy as many shares as you wish.
Register Ownership
The commercial real estate is registered in your name with the government. You have full ownership rights to the actual real estate.
Receive Monthly Rent
Every month we divide 10% of the total revenue of the entire complex among the 60 shareholders and pay this as monthly rent to your bank account.
Sell Anytime
If you ever want to sell your real estate, let us know and we will either buy it back from you or help you sell it to another real estate investor.
Jellyfish Remote Lifestyle Complex
by Ruebush Hospitality Group
18 A Pirosmani Street
Batumi, Ajara, Georgia
Our sales office is located at 110 Vakhtang Gorgasali Street. We are open from 10 AM to 6 PM, Monday through Friday.
How Much Can You Earn?
We are projecting each share will earn 18.95% yearly return on investment through rental income.
Food & Beverage
We are projecting an average of 350 tickets per day at an average of $16 per ticket. This is $5600 in daily revenue from food & beverage.
Sleeping Capsules
We are projecting an average occupancy of 40 capsules per night at $12 per capsule. This is $480 in daily revenue from sleeping capsules.
Co-Work Day Pass
We are projecting an average of 50 co-working day passes at $5 per day per pass. This is $250 in daily revenue from co-working day passes.
Co-Working Month Pass
We are projecting an average of 120 co-working month passes at $100 per pass. This is $395 in daily revenue from monthly passes.
We are projecting 600 people will attend events each month at an average of $20 per ticket. This is $395 in daily revenue from events.
We are projecting $667 in daily revenue from merchandise, supplies, communications and other services purchased by guests.
18.95% Yearly ROI
$4736.40 projected yearly income per share
Monthly Revenue
Food & Beverage
Sleeping Capsules
Day Passes
Monthly Passes
Rent Allocation
Rent Per Share
Yearly = $4736.40
On Trend
This is the most "on-trend" project in the country of Georgia. Travel and work are definitely changing after the pandemic. Over the next ten years, hundreds of millions of millennials and younger generations will become location independent workers and will seek 3 to 6 month experiences in different parts of the world as they live the hybrid nomadic lifestyles they prefer. You can cash in on this trend by investing in Jellyfish today.
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